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Setting up a Town Utility Account (Water/Wastewater)

If you are new to Crossfield or have changed residence, you can complete the Application for Connection/Disconnection, and email or stop in at the Town office to set up a new utility account.  Any changes to an account must be completed in writing. 

Your utility statement includes charges for water, wastewater (sewer), garbage, and curbside recycling. Utility statements are sent out bi-monthly on the 25 of the month - starting in January -  and are due on the 15 day of the following month. 

Have your utility bill emailed directly to you - fill out an E-Bill Utility Service Agreement and return it to the Town office prior to the next billing date to avoid a $2 paper bill fee.

Payments can also be directly debited from your account on the due date of the bill. A void cheque or bank memo from your bank is required. Fill out a Preauthorized Utility Form and forward the form to the Town office for processing. Any payments returned are subject to a $38 service charge.

Town of Crossfield utility accounts are set up solely in the property owner's name. (Tenants may receive a copy of bi-monthly utility statements upon owner's request.) 

Changes to Overdue Utility Bills

The Town of Crossfield has the ability to temporarily disconnect service and impose a re-connection fee prior to re-establishing utility services (per Water and Wastewater Bylaw 2022-07: Item 20 - Past Due Accounts)

If you participate in the Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPPs), the transfer of unpaid amounts will no longer be possible from your utility account to your tax account. Unpaid utility accounts can be affected by the temporary disconnection of service.

Ways to avoid temporary water disconnection:

If you have overlooked your payment, there are several payment options available:

  • In-person cash, cheque, debit, credit 
  • Personal or business online banking – payments must be received into the Town of Crossfield no later than 4:30 pm on the utility bill due date. Allow for the lag time between your financial institution and the Town office. You can also set up smaller, automatic incremental payments on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Sign up for Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan to allow automatic withdrawal from your account. Note: The account balance must be zero balance prior to joining this service

A tip for everyone:
Be aware of your water consumption. Saving water automatically equates to saving money. Check your toilets for ghost leaks with the food dye test, repair dripping faucets, and be mindful of laundry and dishwasher loads. One leaking toilet can cost hundreds of dollars in a 2 month period!