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Social Needs Assessment

In 2022, a program engagement was implemented with RC Strategies, who conducted the Social Needs Assessment to gather the perspectives of the community in the Crossfield area regarding social needs.  The Social Needs Assessment was completed in Summer of 2022 with the following conclusions:


Based upon the research presented, several recommendations have been identified with a focus on social needs of the community and improving the quality of life of residents. Ultimately, it is up to the Town of Crossfield to determine how to address these recommendations or whether they have a role in the community. For additional text for each item below, please refer to the full section of the report.

• Community Congress: Convene a community congress from several key organizations to discuss the social needs in the community, share resources and develop a shared vision for Crossfield.

• Food Security: A broad approach can help address food security. Providing fresh food, educating residents, and educating the whole community about the issue of food security will aid in awareness. Community gardens, town gardens, cooking classes, promotion, education and collaboration with farmers markets are planks that can be used to help with food security in Crossfield.

• Crossfield Community Event: There is lack of awareness of services, programs and organizations that are available in Crossfield. A community information night, which would include agencies, voluntary organizations, non-profits and government organizations that provide services would have the ability to explain their programs and services to the broader community.

• Mental Health Conference: The awareness for mental health issues is more prevalent than ever. A mental health conference should be held in Crossfield. The conference can educate and recognize the causes of mental health issues and destigmatize the issue in the community.

• Youth Council: There is a gap in engaging youth in the community. The youth council will be able to determine how to address issues that are directly affecting youth in Crossfield. The creation of the council will send a message to the community that the Town is dedicated to building youth leaders in the community. 

• FCSS Promotion: FCSS is an important service provided by the Town of Crossfield and it is vital that residents understand the services they present to the community. FCSS should ensure that their name and brand is on all material they produce, in turn, agencies that receive funding should be mentioning FCSS on all their marketing avenues to ensure recognition is given. 

Based upon the findings of this social needs assessment, the Town of Crossfield can determine what they would like to address and therefore, develop implementation plans. Consideration should be given to presenting the findings to the public as well as the steps taken to address the findings.

To review the complete 2022 Social Needs Assessment, click here.