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Animal Services

Animal control is the responsibility of all pet owners. All dogs within Town limits must be licenced. Cats are not required to have a licence.

Please refer to our Parks and Community Facilities pages for more information and locations for dog-friendly parks. Doggie clean-up stations are located around Town. Please remember to clean up after your pet.

Urban Hen Program

The Urban Hen Bylaw was approved by Town council in 2019.     

A few highlights from the bylaw are as follows:          

  • A person may apply to keep no more than three (3) urban hens in a single property.
  • No rooster will be permitted.
  • The owner must be 18 years of age or older.        
  • Hens kept on the property are for personal use only.
  • No person shall keep a hen or hens on a parcel in a single-family residential zone having an area less than 464.52 m2 (5,000 ft2).     
  • Each Hen must be registered under the Premises Identification (PID) Program through Alberta Agriculture and Forestry 
  • Every building (coop) or enclosure used to accommodate hens must be:
    • located in the rear yard of the lot behind the dwelling;
    • a minimum of 3.0 m (9.8 ft) from the principal building;
    • a minimum of 1.0 m (3.3 ft) from any property line;
    • a maximum of 10 sq m (107.6sq ft) in size;
    • located at ground level, and a maximum of 2.0 m (6.5 ft) in height; and,
    • provide each hen with at least one nest box and one perch, that is at least 15 centimetres [6 inches] long, within a coop. 

The maximum number of urban hen licenses issued in the Town for the period the Urban Pilot Program is in force is fifteen (15). Each subsequent year, if the program is approved to continue, the maximum number of hen licenses issued is one hen license per one hundred (100) persons, based on the population of the Town of Crossfield as determined in the most recent census.   


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