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Emergency Management

Emergencies can happen unexpectedly – any time and any place. Train derailments, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flooding, snow storms, fires, chemical spills, plane crashes and other disasters can disrupt our daily lives in an instant.

To ensure we are prepared, the Town of Crossfield has an Emergency Management Team in place and participates in regular training. The Town is also a partner in the Rocky View Regional Emergency Management Plan, which enables us to work closely with our neighboring municipalities to prepare for, and respond to, emergency situations.

Be Prepared Before an Emergency

Being prepared before an emergency can help you and your family respond quickly and get through the hours or days that follow.

Make an emergency plan for your family and build an emergency kit that will enable you to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours (three days). For information and tools to help you prepare for an emergency, visit:

Be Informed and Stay Informed

  • Subscribe to Voyent Alert: this FREE automated messaging service has been implemented to quickly and efficiently relay emergency information and other important general information to Town of Crossfield residents (e.g. road closures, garbage and recycling updates, water supply interruptions and snow removal). This system is an instant, reliable and readily available solution which allows us to notify the community via an app on your mobile phone, by text message, phone call or email.
  • You can also search for Voyent Alert in the Apple App Store or in Google Play
  • Subscribe to Alberta Emergency Alert
  • Consult the Town’s website
  • Follow the Town’s social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) [include links]
  • Watch and listen to local media (radio and television)
  • Be sure to share emergency information with your family, friends and neighbours

During an Emergency

  • Call 911 if you witness an emergency situation.
  • Follow the advice and guidance from local emergency officials, including instructions for shelter-in-place or evacuation if necessary.
  • Continue following and listening to updates for additional instructions (Voyent Alert, Alberta Emergency Alert, Town’s website, Town’s social media, local radio and television, etc.).
  • Ensure you are receiving information from reputable sources (Town of Crossfield sources, local emergency officials, provincial or federal authorities, etc.)
  • If evacuating, do not return to your property until local officials have instructed it is safe to do so.
  • A reception centre may be set up to accept evacuees during an evacuation. Depending on the situation, it may be located within town or in neighboring municipalities. Because each emergency situation is unique, this information will be provided at the time of the incident.
  • Make arrangements for pets. Please note that depending on the facility and/or circumstances of the emergency, pets may not be allowed in a reception centre (for public health reasons). Exceptions are made for certified assistance animals.
  • Contact family and friends, and check on your neighbours, especially those who are disabled or elderly and more likely to require assistance.

After an Emergency

Following an emergency or disaster, it is important to restore your home, property and belongings to good order as soon as possible to protect health and prevent further damage.

Consider the following measures:

  • Check in and around your home for damage and ensure it is safe before entering. If necessary, consult with professionals (structural engineers, building inspectors, etc.)
  • Check for damaged utilities (power, gas, water, sewer) and consult with utility operators prior to turning them back on.
  • Inform your insurance company as soon as possible of any damage and follow their guidance. Take photographs or video of any damage.
  • Dispose of any spoiled or contaminated foods – if you’re unsure, throw it out.

Other Important Emergency Management Resources