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COVID-19 Information for the Community

UPDATE - Sept. 21, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Sept. 20)

  • 1,459 active cases
  • New cases:
    • Sept. 18 - 119
    • Sept. 19 - 102
    • Sept. 20 - 137
  • 51 individuals are in hospital with 9 in ICU
  • 256 total deaths
  • There are currently no outbreaks in schools within the Rocky View Schools division.
  • UPDATE - Sept. 13, 2020

Provincial Statistics: (to Sept. 10)

  • 1,444 active cases
  • 41 individuals in hospital, 10 in ICU.
  • 253 total deaths

UPDATE - Sept. 9, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 619 new cases from Sept. 4 to 7:
    • 154 on Sept. 4
    • 171 on Sept. 5
    • 137 on Sept. 6
    • 157 on Sept. 7
  • 247 total deaths
  • 45 people in hospital, 10 in ICU
  • There continues to be no active cases in the Crossfield area, as defined by AHS.

UPDATE - Sept. 3, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 1,415 active cases
  • 130 new cases in last 24 hours
  • Three additional deaths since Aug. 31, for a total of 242
  • 46 people in hospital, nine in ICU

UPDATE - Sept. 1, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 31)

  • 1,370 active cases
  • 426 new cases:
    • 133 new cases were identified on Aug. 28
    • 184 new cases on Aug. 29
    • 109 new cases in the last 24 hours
  • 239 total deaths
  • 44 in hospital, eight in ICU

UPDATE - Aug. 27, 2020

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw provided additional information regarding the school re-opening strategy during her update today:

Hinshaw encouraged parents and caregivers to access the province's online toolkit, launched within the last week. The toolkit can be found here. The toolkit is available in 10 languages, including English, French, Punjabi and Chinese.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 1,158 active cases
  • 108 new cases in last 24 hours
  • 49 individuals are in hospital with 7 in ICU
  • 2 additional deaths in last 24 hours, bringing the total to 237

UPDATE - Aug. 26, 2020

Today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced a $2 billion Safe Return to School fund, which the provinces and territories can access to make sure schools are provided with whatever they need to ensure students are safe when schools re-open next month. More information regarding the program:

UPDATE - Aug. 25, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 23)

  • 1,172 active cases
  • 13,006 total cases - 83 on Aug. 21, 106 on Aug. 22 and 69 on Aug. 23
  • 234 deaths - an increase of 10
  • 45 in hospital, 9 in ICU

There have been a total of 23,709,003 cases and 814,592 deaths worldwide since statistics started to be collected. Canada has had a total of 127,617 cases and 9,129 deaths. (Source: Johns Hopkins University of Medicine

UPDATE - Aug. 18, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 16):

  • 1,132 active cases
  • 12,412 total cases - 177 on Aug. 14, 86 on Aug. 15, 96 on Aug. 16
  • 224 deaths, an increase of four
  • 45 individuals in hospital, 10 in ICU

UPDATE - Aug. 14, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 12):

  • 11,969 total cases (76 new cases, Aug. 12)
  • 50 in hospital, 12 in ICU
  • 220 deaths, an increase of 12 since Aug. 6
  • There are currently no active cases in the Crossfield area, as defined by Alberta Health Services.

UPDATE - Aug. 10, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 6):

  • 11,430 total cases
  • 208 total deaths
  • 68 in hospital, 18 in ICU

UPDATE - Aug. 4, 2020

Provincial Statistics (to Aug. 3):

  • 11,146 total cases
  • 201 total deaths
  • 85 individuals in hospital, 23 in ICU

National Statistics:

  • 117,334 total cases Canada-wide
  • 8,952 total deaths

UPDATE - July 30, 2020

There are now 12 active cases of COVID-19 identified in Crossfield. The Town would like to urge residents to follow the public health protocols:

  • If you're sick, stay home.
  • Wash your hands frequently and for a minimum of 20 seconds each time.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after you enter a public space.
  • Practice physical distancing and stay two metres or six feet away from each other.
  • If physical distancing isn't possible, wear a mask.

Provincial Statistics:

  • Five additional deaths, bringing the total in the province to 195
  • 113 additional cases confirmed since July 29
  • 91 individuals are in hospital with 18 in intensive care.

Town office re-opened to the public June 22. Precautions are in place for anyone visiting the Town office to follow:

Open and closed status of Town facilities


Town office 



Fishing ponds


Basketball courts

Tennis courts 

Baseball diamonds

Skate park

Pete Knight Memorial Arena - open with new ice going in mid-September

Crossfield Community Centre


Firehall - still providing service but closed to the public

Operations Shop - still providing service but closed to the public

Splash park - will not open in 2020

Garage and Yard Sales

Garage and yard sales are now allowed but there are precautions to follow both as the seller and the buyer. Download our information sheet here.

How to properly wash your hands

This website for Certified Nursing Assistants provides information from the World Health Organization on proper handwashing protocols:

UPDATE: July 28,2020

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw told media the "curve is no longer flat in Alberta" during her daily update July 27. The number of confirmed cases in the province has been rising in an alarming manner and Hinshaw is urging Albertans to be diligent about following the protocols for dealing with the COVID-19 virus, including wearing masks inside public places, practicing physical distancing and washing your hands. Read a transcript of her entire briefing here.

Provincial Statistics: (to July 26)

  • 10,390 confirmed cases - 110 on July 24, 103 on July 25 and 91 on July 26
  • 1,430 active cases in Alberta
  • 88 in hospital with 17 in ICU
  • Eight additional deaths, bringing the provincial total to 186

UPDATE: July 27, 2020

The provincial government's current gathering restrictions limit the number of people allowed to gather for indoor social gatherings which includes wedding and funeral receptions, birthday parties to 50. A full list of the restrictions can be found here.

Provincial Statistics: (to July 23)

  • 10,086 total confirmed cases
  • 1,341 active cases
  • 95 in hospital with 19 in ICU
  • 178 deaths in Alberta from COVID-19

UPDATE - July 23, 2020

  • 9,861 confirmed cases in Alberta as of July 22
  • Increase of 133 confirmed cases on July 21
  • 102 in hospital and 18 in ICU
  • 174 deaths

UPDATE - July 16, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 8,994 total confirmed cases in Alberta
  • 64 in hospital, seven in ICU
  • 163 deaths

UPDATE - July 15, 2020

The number of confirmed cases in Alberta has begun to rise again. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer, addressed the issue in her update yesterday:

"This is a challenging time for any public health response. The virus has now been in Alberta for four months and, while we saw cases decline from the peak seen in April, our daily cases have begun to rise numbers over the past few days.

Much of the public advice that we have been providing, including washing your hands and physical distancing, has been repeated for months now.

This pandemic has been a long haul, and I worry that Albertans may be starting to tune the messages out.
It can seem like old news, and many are tired of hearing the information.

As the Premier and I both mentioned yesterday, we are concerned about the recent rise in cases we are seeing.

Also of concern is the younger age of people infected with the virus. Over the past two weeks, 780 new cases have been identified in the province, with 57 per cent of these cases being under the age of 40.

Of these, 30 per cent have not yet been linked to any known source.

This is a reminder that COVID-19 can spread quickly, and cases can rise rapidly if we don’t all do our part.

The best way to defeat the virus has not changed. Stay two metres apart when you can, and wear a mask when you can’t. Wash or sanitize your hands. Stay home if you are sick and get tested."

As a municipality, we urge you to continue to follow the public health directives. It is the best way to help stop the spread.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 8,912 confirmed cases - 86 new in last 24 hours
  • 701 active cases
  • 55 in hospital, 13 in ICU
  • 163 deaths, two in last 24 hours

UPDATE - July 14, 2020

Provincial Statistics: (to July 13)

  • 8,826 confirmed cases in Alberta
  • 676 active cases
  • 45 in hospital with 10 in ICU
  • 161 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Alberta
  • There is only one active case currently in all of Rocky View County

National Statistics:

  • 107,820 total confirmed cases
  • 8,784 deaths

UPDATE - July 7, 2020

  • Provincial Statistics:

  • 8,436 confirmed cases in Alberta
  • 620 active cases
  • 54 individuals are hospitalized with six in ICU
  • 157 total deaths in Alberta

UPDATE - June 23, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 32 new and 7,736 total confirmed cases
  • One additional death bringing the total to 153
  • 542 active cases
  • 32 in hospital, six in ICU
  • There are currently NO active cases in the Crossfield area.

UPDATE - June 22, 2020

Provincial Statistics as of June 21:

  • 7,704 total confirmed cases
  • 534 active cases
  • 33 in hospital, seven in ICU
  • 152 deaths due to COVID-19 in Alberta

UPDATE - June 17, 2020

Crossfield Town council voted to lift the State of Local Emergency originally enacted due to COVID-19 at its June 16 regular meeting.

Provincial Statistics to June 16:

  • 35 new cases bringing the provincial total of confirmed cases to 7,482
  • 36 people hospitalized with seven in ICU
  • One additional death - provincial total is now 151

UPDATE - June 15, 2020

Provincial Statistics as of June 14:

  • 7,433 total confirmed cases
  • 422 active cases
  • 26 people hospitalized with seven in ICU
  • 150 total deaths

UPDATE - June 8, 2020

The Prime Minister announced the federal government will implement a limited travel exemption at the Canada-U.S. border. This exemption will allow immediate family members of citizens or permanent residents to enter the country. The exemption includes spouses, children, parents or guardians. The 14-day quarantine rule still applies to those entering the country.

Six types of hand sanitizer have been recalled by Health Canada after they were found to contain industrial grade ethanol. The recalled products are:

  •  Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer - 70 per cent Ethyl Alcohol, made by Eltraderm Limited
  •  Hand Sanitizer, made by Contract Packaging Distributions Inc.
  •  Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer, made by Nature's Own Cosmetic Company Inc.
  •  Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70 per cent Ethanol, made by Sanilabs Inc.
  •  Walker Emulsions Hand Sanitizer, made by Walker Emulsions Ltd.
  •  Hand Sanitizer Désinfectant pour les mains, made by Walker Emulsions Ltd.

If you have any of these in your home, you are advised to stop using them immediately and consult with a healthcare professional if anyone in the home is experiencing health concerns.

On June 6, Alberta Health Services relaxed visitation guidelines at hospitals in Alberta. Details include: 

  • For outpatient and emergency department/urgent care, patients may now have one person accompany them.
  • For acute care settings, patients may now have two people accompany them.
  • For end of life situations, two visitors are now permitted if there is sufficient room to allow for physical distancing.

Provincial Statistics:

  • Three additional deaths since June 6, bringing the provincial total to 149
  • 64 new cases since June 6 for a total of 7,202 confirmed cases in Alberta since the beginning of the public health crisis.

UPDATE - June 5, 2020

The Prime Minister announced a $14 billion transfer to provinces and territories to help address the costs of the pandemic including childcare, PPE, sick pay, seniors and support for municipalities. Trudeau clarified this money is a targeted transfer and “very specific standards need to be met across the country.”

The province of Alberta announced additional measures to help business owners and to aid economic recovery.

  • To ease the impacts of new measures, businesses and non-profits need support to reopen. The government is committing up to $200 million in funding for eligible businesses and non-profits to access up to $5,000 to offset a portion of their relaunch costs.
  • The government is planning further measures including legislation to ensure commercial tenants will not face rent increases or are evicted for non-payment of rent due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Provincial Statistics:

As of June 6, there have been 7,138 confirmed cases in Alberta:

  • 40 new cases between June 5 and June 6
  • 44 people in hospital with six in ICU
  • Three additional deaths since June 1, bringing the provincial total to 146.

UPDATE - June 1, 2020

Today Prime Minister Trudeau announced the first of what he said would be multiple financial supports for municipalities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of $2.2 billion will be distributed to municipalities via the Gas Tax Fund. Instead of receiving the yearly support municipalities get from the federal government twice per year, Trudeau said the total amount would be dispersed to municipalities in one payment. This arrangement was developed in consultation with the provincial premiers last week, Trudeau said. More information is be forthcoming from the federal government.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 7,044 confirmed cases in Alberta - 6,501 have recovered
  • 53 individuals are hospitalized with six in ICU
  • no additional deaths - total remains at 143

UPDATE - May 29, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 22 new confirmed cases bringing the total in Alberta since the start of the pandemic to 6,977.
  • no new deaths over past 24 hours leaving the total number of deaths in Alberta at 143.
  • 6,218 people have now recovered, while there continue to be 612 active cases in Alberta.
  • 55 people remain in hospital with only four in ICU.

UPDATE - May 25, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 19 new confirmed cases bringing the total to 6,879
  • three additional deaths bringing the total number of deaths in Alberta to 138
  • 5,979 Albertans have recovered from COVID-19, leaving 762 active cases in the province
  • 45 people are hospitalized, with five of those admitted to ICUs

Federal update:

  • Applications are now being accepted for the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) for small businesses. Property owners will reduce rent by at least 75 per cent for the months of April, May, and June, for their small business tenants. CECRA will cover 50 per cent of the rent, with the tenant paying up to 25 per cent and the property owner forgiving at least 25 per cent.
  • The federal government has launched the Business Resilience Service, which will be available for small business owners, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations and charities. This service will help entrepreneurs and small business owners in need of financial planning advice, particularly those who may not have access to an accountant. The hotline will offer bilingual services and operate seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

UPDATE - May 22, 2020

Alberta Health Services has updated its recommendations and no longer requires municipalities sanitize playground equipment and other recreational amenities. The onus is now on the users to ensure they are following the public health orders. As a result, Crossfield's playground equipment on Town property, along with basketball courts and the skate park re-opened this afternoon. Tennis courts will re-open next week after they have been swept and the nets erected. The splash park remains closed.

Provincial Statistics:

  • Total confirmed cases in Alberta - 6,800
  • Total number of deaths - 134

Federal Statistics:

  • 81,786 total confirmed cases
  • 6,182 deaths from COVID-19

UPDATE - May 20, 2020

A message from Mayor Tennant:

Dear community members:

Everyone is anxious to get back to normal after all the stress and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the questions I’m getting asked quite frequently is “when will the Town re-open the playgrounds?”

We know it’s difficult with nicer weather finally here to have those closed, but we’ve had to make the best decision for the community based on recommendations from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) and Alberta Health. Although the province has announced municipalities can re-open playgrounds, the requirements are more than our small town can fulfill at this time.

Those requirements would mean the equipment would need to be sanitized and disinfected after each use and we simply don’t have enough staff to meet that requirement. Only one family group at a time would be allowed to use the playground equipment and we can’t meet the requirement to supervise the playgrounds round the clock, either.

The Town’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is in regular contact with AEMA and Alberta Health, and as soon as the restrictions are lifted to a point where the Town can provide safe access to the playgrounds, they will re-open. We will make sure to let the community know through posts to our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and website –

All of council would like to see our playgrounds and other facilities re-open but we have to put the well-being and safety of the entire community first. We hope you understand.

Mayor Jo Tennant

UPDATE - May 19, 2020

Today Prime Minister Trudeau announced the Government of Canada is expanding the eligibility of the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA). Sole owner businesses, those relying on contractors, or family owned businesses that pay family through dividends now qualify for support. This program provides qualifying businesses with a loan up to $40,000 interest free. Repaying the balance of the loan on or before Dec. 31, 2022 will result in loan forgiveness of 25 per cent (up to $10,000).

Canada and the U.S. have agreed to extend the current measures along the U.S.-Canada border by 30 days, to June 21. All non-essential (discretionary) travel at the Canada-U.S. border is restricted.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 61 people are hospitalized with COVID-19, with eight of those admitted to ICUs.
  • 33 new cases in last 24 hours, bringing the total to 6,716 in Alberta
  • 5,584 have recovered.
  • Zero new deaths to report. Total remains at 128.

UPDATE - May 12, 2020

Today Prime Minister Trudeau announced a $2.5 billion financial support program for seniors. Any senior receiving the Old Age Security payment will get a one-time $300 payment, and seniors who also qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement will receive an additional $200. According to Trudeau, approximately seven million Canadian seniors will receive this support.

The government is also investing another $20 million into the New Horizons for Seniors Program, which funds various community projects for seniors. The program helps seniors deal with isolation through things such as virtual exercise programs and providing tablets.

UPDATE - May 11, 2020

Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Diane Fir today announced the launch of the Bizconnect website for Alberta's businesses. This website provides businesses with information about the public health measures they will be required to take to re-open while keeping their employees and customers safe.

According to Fir, the website currently includes information for businesses able to re-open during stage one of the province's relaunch strategy. Some of the businesses which will be allowed to re-open during this stage include hair salons, daycares and day camps, restaurants, museums and art galleries, farmers' markets and retail. 

The website will be updated with sector-specific information as the province moves through the various stages of the re-launch.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 73 people are currently hospitalized with 12 in ICU
  • 4,659 people have recovered from COVID-19.
  • 47 new cases in past 24 hours bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Alberta to 6,300.
  • There were two deaths in the past 24 hours bringing the total number of Albertans to die from COVID-19 to 117.

UPDATE - May 7, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 6,017 total confirmed cases
  • 112 total deaths
  • 3,809 recovered

UPDATE - May 4, 2020

Provincial statistics:

  • 5,836 total confirmed cases in Alberta
  • Nine additional deaths, bringing the total to 104
  • 2,942 recovered
  • New outbreak at the Purolator warehouse in Calgary with 30 total cases

The province has expanded the list of symptoms for which people can request testing:

  • Common symptoms: cough, fever (over 38°C), shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat.
  • Other symptoms can include: stuffy nose, painful swallowing, headache, chills, muscle or joint aches, feeling unwell in general, new fatigue or severe exhaustion, gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite), loss of sense of smell or taste, conjunctivitis (pink eye).
  • Symptom of serious illness: difficulty breathing or pneumonia.

Complete the online self-assessment - - and follow up with Healthlink at 811 if required.

UPDATE - May 3, 2020

Provincial statistics:

  • 5,766 total confirmed cases in Alberta
  • 95 total deaths
  • 2,713 recovered

UPDATE - April 30, 2020

As the situation is not moving quite as quickly as it was, we will now posting only when there is something substantial to update.

Today, Premier Kenney introduced the province's plan for relaunching the economy. The full document can be found here

The strategy involves a phased approach to re-opening the various facets of the economy. Moving from each phase of the relaunch to the next will depend on Albertans' continuing to follow the physical distancing and isolating guidelines, to keep infection rates low and well within the capacity of the healthcare system. 

Provincial Statistics:

  • 5,355 confirmed cases 
  • 89 deaths
  • 2,161 recovered cases

UPDATE - April 28, 2020

Premier Jason Kenney said the public health orders are reducing the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the province, and updated the Alberta Health Services projections for how the virus may playout in Alberta.

Under the new modeling, the following projections are in place:

  • Low scenario: 300 people hospitalized with 95 in ICU at the peak.
  • Probably scenario: 596 people hospitalized with 192 in ICU at the peak.
  • Elevated scenario: 745 people hospitalized with 248 in ICU at the peak.

Kenney said the province would be introducing its strategy to re-launch the economy later this week. However, he said that this situation is far from over and people must continue to follow the public health orders currently in place.

Provincial Statistics:

  • 154 new confirmed cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Alberta to 4,850
  • Five additional deaths, bringing the total to 80
  • 483 cases and 52 deaths in continuing care facilities across the province
  • 1,800 individuals have recovered

UPDATE - April 27, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 216 new cases over the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta to 4,696.
  • 87 people hospitalized of which 20 are in intensive care.
  • 1,664 people have recovered from COVID-19.
  • Two additional deaths, bringing the total number of lives lost to 75.

UPDATE - April 24, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 297 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 4,017
  • Three of these new cases are on a First Nation in the Calgary Zone
  • 1,397 have recovered
  • Five additional deaths, bringing the total to 72

Federal Update:

Prime Minister Trudeau announced the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program which will pay 75 per cent of rent to the building owner on behalf of small business. To qualify:

  • the business must have been paying less than $50,000/month in rent
  • revenue must have dropped by 70 per cent as a result of COVID
  •  also available to non-profit and charitable organizations

The program will apply to the months of April, May and June.

UPDATE - April 23, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 319 new confirmed cases over the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 3,720.
  • Of these, 1,357 people have now recovered
  • One additional death, bringing the total to 67.
  • 390 confirmed cases in continuing care facilities across Alberta.
  • mass gathering restrictions currently in place also apply to all summer events or festivals in Alberta

UPDATE - April 22, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 306 new confirmed cases bringing the total confirmed cases to 3,401
  • 1,310 have recovered
  • Five additional deaths, bringing the total to 66.
  • 70 individuals remain in hospital; 18 are in intensive care units

Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Leela Aheer announced the Alberta Cares Connector which allows Albertans to safely connect with local charities that need help during the COVID-19 public health crisis. This new initiative is a collaboration between the Calgary Volunteer Centre and the province of Alberta.

UPDATE - April 21, 2020

Provincial Statistics:

  • 187 new confirmed cases
  • 3,095 total confirmed cases
  • 1,273 recovered cases
  • Two additional deaths bringing the total to 61
  • 376 active cases in continuing care facilities throughout the province

The province has started posting information regarding where there are outbreaks of COVID-19 in continuing care facilities on its website:

Federal update:

Prime Minister Trudeau announced a new $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund today. Community groups and non-profits will be able to apply for this funding to help them with salaries and other operating costs. Some of this funding will go directly to smaller organizations and some will flow through larger agencies like the Red Cross and United Way.

Trudeau announced a calculator has been added to the Canada Revenue Agency website which employers can use to determine what they can expect to claim through the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy. Starting Monday, April 27, employers will be able to access this calculator and apply online.

UPDATE - April 20, 2020

Provincial Minister of Health Tyler Shandro today announced three initiatives to ensure continuing care facilities in the province, which have been hard hit by the COVID-19 virus, will have the staff they need to take care of the most vulnerable:

  • increased funding to hire extra staff
  • a wage supplement of $2 per hour during the pandemic for frontline staff in these facilities
  • fast tracking students in healthcare programs by offering them practicum placements.

The province will begin posting a listing of outbreaks at continuing care facilities. 

Provincial statistics:

  • 105 new confirmed cases
  • 2,908 total confirmed cases
  • 1,230 recovered
  • Four new deaths - two in Calgary, one in High River and one in the Edmonton zone.
  • Total deaths in Alberta is now 59, as five additional deaths were reported over the weekend.

The province wants to remind residents of the following:

  • Alberta’s urgent care centres and emergency department are safe
  • Albertans are encouraged to seek urgent and emergency care as needed, including calling 911
  • Typical emergencies include chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, severe stomach pain, numbness and tingling (which could suggest a stroke) or serious injury
  • We urge Albertans to not let COVID-19 keep them from the care they need
  • Albertans unsure of the care they need can call Health Link at 811 for advice
  • Precautions are in place in urgent care centres and emergency departments to prevent the spread of COVID-19; staff are screening patients and healthcare workers; all are practicing hand hygiene
  • Anyone with COVID-19 and in need of emergency care, can call 911 or come to the hospital for help
  • We are living in a very different time right now, but we are still here to provide urgent care and emergency care.

UPDATE - April 17, 2020

Provincial statistics:

  • 238 new confirmed cases
  • 2,397 total confirmed cases
  • No new deaths to report
  • 1,124 individuals have recovered
  • 60 people remain in hospital, 13 in intensive care

Dr. Hinshaw announced all residents and staff at continuing care homes where there have been outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus will now be tested. 

UPDATE - April 16, 2020

Provincial statistics:

  • 162 new confirned cases

  • 2,158 total confirmed cases

  • 914 people have recovered from the virus

  • Two additional deaths - one in Calgary Zone and one in the North Zone. This brings the total number of deaths in Alberta from COVID-19 to 50.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw today said the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to peak in Alberta. People should continue to practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene.

She provided information during her daily update about additional steps people can take to protect their health, particularly those who smoke, vap or drink alcohol. Those who smoke or vap do tend, she said, to exhibit more severe symptoms if they get the virus, and she urged people to stop or cutback on smoking or vapping.

Hinshaw said drinking alcohol can impact a number of things - health, mental health, family violence - negatively, and advised women to drink no more than two drinks per day and men to drink no more than three.

The Alberta Quits website is available to assist people wanting to quit or cutback. 

UPDATE - April 15, 2020

Provincial statistics:

  • 126 new confirmed cases
  • 1,996 total confirmed cases
  • 44 people are currently hospitalized
  • No new deaths

Premier Kenney announced $53 million in new funding for mental health and addiction supports today. This includes:

  • $21.4 million to increase online and phone helplines,
  • $2.6 million to expand individual and group treatment options,
  • $4.2 million to expand access to these supports through primary care networks, and 
  • $25 million for a new grant program to enhance community mental health and addictions recovery.

Federal update:

Prime Minister Trudeau announced additional changes to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) this morning. Seasonal workers and those who have recently run out of employment insurance will now also be eligible for CERB. People who make less than $1,000 a month due to reduced work hours will also qualify.

The wages of essential workers - including those working in continuing care facilities - will be topped up by the federal government for those earning less than $2,500 per month.

Trudeau also announced a new portal at or on the COVID19 app is available for those struggling with mental health or addictions issues at this time. 

UPDATE - April 14, 2020

We stepped away for the long weekend but are back with daily updates from the federal and provincial governments, as well as updates from the Town.

Crews have begun removing old trees and shrubs along Railway St. in advance of the start of the Downtown Project later this month. These will be replaced with a greater number of new trees and shrubs as part of that project. The crews doing the work are required to follow the provincial public health orders while doing the work to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Provincial update

Alberta Health Services has stepped up its testing for COVID-19 in the Calgary zone, completing 2,868 in the last 24 hours. An additional 138 cases were confirmed over that same time frame, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Alberta to 1,870. Two additional deaths occurred in continuing care centres over the past 24 hours bringing the total number of deaths in Alberta to 48.

On April 10, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced enhanced measures for continuing care and designated assisted living facilities, including a requirement that workers only work at one facility for the duration of the pandemic. All workers are also assessed as they arrive for work. 

Federal update

Prime Minister Trudeau announced new rules for returning travelers; if you come back from out of country and don't have an isolation plan, you'll be taken to a quarantine site. This new rule goes into effect at midnight tonight.

In addtion, Trudeau announced $20 million in new funding for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to be used to ensure Canadians' food sources are safe.

The Canadian Parliament met on the weekend and passed the largest spending package since the Second World War. This includes the Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit and the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy.

UPDATE - April 9, 2020

Provincial Update

The main message from Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw today was the importance of staying home and practicing physical distancing this Easter weekend. Hinshaw said Alberta's statistics show these changes in behaviour are having a postive impact.

Alberta recorded 28 additional confirmed cases of the virus over the past 24-hours, bringing the total to 1,451. HInshaw announced three additional deaths - two in Calgary zone and one in the Edmonton zone - bringing the total deaths in the province to 32.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced a $265,000 donation from Sprung Structures to erect a temporary expansion at Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary which will add 6,000 sq. ft. of treatment space. Alberta Health Services will spend $3 million to outfit the facility with appropriate equipment. The facility is expected to be completed later in April. Sixty-one per cent of Alberta's confirmed COVID-19 cases have occurred in the Calgary zone.

Federal Update

Prime Minister Trudeau today warned Canadians that some measures put into place to cope with the health and economic wellness of the country will need to remain in place for many more months. Trudeau said Canadians should brace for smaller waves of pandemic once this main surge has peaked, predicted to occur mid-May. 

More information on the Government of Canada's response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found at:

UPDATE - April 8, 2020

The total number of confirmed cases in Alberta is now 1,423, up 50 from yesterday. An additional two deaths have occurred as a result of the virus bringing the total in Alberta to 29. 

Prime Minister Trudeau announced some important programs for students and employers during his morning press conference:

  • Employers can have 100 per cent of the wages paid under the Canada Summer Jobs Program subsidized by the federal government. The duration of this subsidy has been increased to February 2021. 
  • The criteria for qualifying for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy has been relaxed. Businesses will only have to show their revenue has decreased by 15 per cent as a result of COVID, not the 30 per cent orginally announced. In addition, rather than comparing revenue to the same months in 2019, employers can now use January and February 2020 as the point of comparison.

UPDATE - April 7, 2020

There was no update from Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw today; however, the Premier addressed Albertans on broadcast media at approximately 6 p.m.

Kenney told Albertans to expect to be under the current public health orders until the end of May. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has analyzed the data and determined three possible scenerios, each dependant on how well Albertans adhere to those public health orders.

Probable scenerio:

  • Hit peak in mid-May
  • 800,000 infections
  • 400 to 3,100 deaths

Elevated scenerio:

  • peak in early May
  • 1 million infected
  • 500 to 6,600 deaths

Worst case scenerio

  • peak mid-April
  • 1.6 million infected
  • 32,000 deaths

Kenney said the public health orders - practicing physical distancing and good hygiene, staying home as much as possible - are having a positive impact on Alberta's fight against the COVID virus, and if people continue to follow these directives, the situation will not escalate to the elevated or worst case scenerio.

The government has made the pandemic its focus, providing $500 million to AHS to expand healthcare capacity - ICU spaces, ventilators, etc.

At the same time, he said Alberta is facing a very serious economic recession - the worst since the Great Depression. The energy sector will take longer to recover than a lot of other industries, according to Kenney. He said his government has taken steps to accelerate that rebound by beginning discussions with the US about a co-ordinated defense against the actions of Saudi Arabia and Russia to hurt the North American energy sector. Despite this and other efforts, Kenney said Albertans should expect to see the deficit triple, from $7 billion to $21 billion. However, he said Alberta would eventually emerge with a stronger and more diversified economy. 

Kenney said a relaunch strategy has been developed with five factors:

  • mass and aggressive testing for COVID-19,
  • more precise tracking of close contact cases,
  • strong border screening of international travellers - more aggressive than what the federal government has put in place,
  • strict enforcement of quarantine orders; and
  • use of masks when Albertans are required to venture into places like grocery stores where many may gather.

More information about $12 billion pledged to the COVID-19 response by the Alberta government will be released over the next few days. 

COVID-19 statistics for April 7:

  • 25 new confirmed cases since yesterday bringing the total to 1,373
  • Two additional deaths, both in the Calgary AHS zone

UPDATE - April 6, 2020

Today, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam advised that the wearing of non-medical masks in public may provide extra precaution when in a situation where physical distancing is diffiult to maintain - e.g. a grocery store or pharmacy. However, Tam emphasized these masks do NOT protect the person wearing them; they may prevent that person from spearding the virus while non-symptomatic. It is important to continue to practice physical distancing and good hygiene if you decide to wear a mask. A mask does not take the place of these important behaviours.

Prime Minister Trudeau announced additional supports for women's emergency shelters and the homeless on Saturday. Today, he announced the government is working on providing financial support for people who have had their hours cut as a result of the pandemic and post-secondary students who may have trouble finding a summer job. Details will be announced over the next few days.

Six of the big banks have reduced their credit card interest rates, at the request of the federal government, for clients experiencing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. The banks include CIBC, RBC, TD and the Bank of Montreal.

Provincial update:

The total number of confirmed cases in Alberta rose by 98 to 1,348, and an additional woman has died as a result of the virus bringing to the total number of deaths in Alberta to 24. Of the confirmed cases, 361 people have now recovered. It is believed  204 of the confirmed cases are due to community transmission.

The number of offers of help to the Bites and Pieces program tripled over the weekend to approximately 3,000, showing the willingness and kindness of Albertans to help their fellow residents.

Like Tam, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw is now saying that wearing a mask when out in public, when physical distancing is not an option, can help to flatten the curve of COVID cases; however, there are guidelines to follow to ensure these masks are being used properly. Avoid touching your face while wearing a mask, wash your hands before and after putting the mask on, and wash fabric masks as soon as they get dirty by washing them with other laundry in hot water and dried on the hottest setting. Place used masks in a separate bag until you have time to launder them to avoid passing the virus to a clean mask.

Wearing a non-medical mask may protect other people; it will not protect you. Hinshaw stressed that staying home and practicing physical distancing is the most important thing you can do.

The province also announced a number of temporary changes to Alberta's employment standards. 

UPDATE - April 3, 2020

This is a very confusing and scary time for many individuals and businesses. The Canadian government introduced a number of initiatives this week to help those individuals and businesses. We have created a page with information about those programs and links to apply or find more information -

Provincial update:

Premier Kenney announced Alberta had compiled enough data to be able to conduct some data modeling and these data would be released next week. He emphasized that the healthcare system has enough medical equipment and supplies to handle the pandemic. He thanked Albertans for following the public health orders as best they can.

Bits and Pieces program:

Kenney asked Albertans who produce goods or services which could help fight the pandemic to come forward to the government through the Bits and Pieces program. In the week the program has been running, the province has heard from 1,100 businesses and individuals, including ATCO, which has offered to supply several hundred trailers to be used for quarantine, supplementary medical facilities, etc. and Suncor which donated 45,000 N95 masks for use across the province.

Daily statistics:

Alberta Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta had risen by 107 to 1,075. An additional five deaths have occurred, bringing the total number of deaths in Alberta to 18. Eight of these deaths occurred at the Mackenzie Town Continuing Care Centre in Calgary. One of the new deaths was a 20-year-old woman in the Edmonton area, which, according to Hinshaw, points out that this virus does not only target the elderly.

There continues to only be one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Crossfield zone, which encompasses an area to east of Irricana and south to Highway 566, NOT just the Town of Crossfield. 

UPDATE - April 2, 2020

Off-leash parks:

The off-leash dog parks within Crossfield (Limit Ave. & Western Dr.) remain open to the public; however, provincial guidelines for physical distancing (six feet) continue to be in effect. If you feel sick, please stay home.

Transfer Station & Recycling Depot:

In an effort to keep employees and residents safe, the Town of Crossfield Transfer Station & Recycling Depot remains open and operational to the public with limited access. To access the facility, contact Airdrie Waste Management at (403) 945-1492 and an employee will open the gates. There is a slight change to the days of operation with the facility reopening on Saturdays starting April 4 and closing on Mondays until further notice. We want to remind residents that if you are feeling unwell please stay home. Thank you for patience and understanding in our efforts to keep our community in good health.

Increase in crimes of opportunity:

During the COVID-19 pandemic we want to encourage residents/businesses to continue to protect their personal property – even if you are home. It has come to our attention that crimes of opportunity have increased. We remind residents and businesses that crimes of opportunity can be reduced through awareness & prevention, whether you’re at home, at work, in a car or walking. The Town is asking all residents and businesses to be aware of your surroundings, be alert to potential dangers and report any suspicious vehicles or activity.

For non-criminal police assistance, call the Airdrie RCMP Detachment at (403) 945.7200 or email:

For criminal matters that require a police officer, call (403) 945.RCMP (7267) to be connected with the call centre. If you do not have a phone, please pick up the metal phone outside the front door at the detachment on Highland Park Way in Airdrie.

In an emergency, call 911.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and diligence during this time.

Provincial update:

There are 96 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total number in Alberta to 968. Of these, 174 have recovered and 108 are as a result of community transmission.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced there were two additional deaths - both were elderly men, one in Calgary and one in the AHS North Zone. Hinshaw said she was concerned by the number of confirmed cases in continuing care facilities - 74 - and announced new standards including a requirement that the facility notify public health as soon as a case is suspected or confirmed.

The total number of people worldwide with COVID-19 is 1,007,977 with 10,132 of those in Canada. 

UPDATE - April 1, 2020

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy 

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau held a press conference today to provide additional information about the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program, originally announced March 27. 

Businesses which experienced a 30 per cent or more decrease in revenues due to COVID are eligible to receive the subsidy. Whether a business qualifies will be done by comparing revenues from March-May 2019 to March-May 2020. Businesses will need to reapply each month. Businesses that turn out not to be eligible will be required to re-pay and may be subject to penalties.

  • largest economic program in Canadian history – est. cost is $71 billion
  • open to small and big businesses - the number of employees in the business does not determine eligibility.
  • 75 percent of your salary on the first $58,700 you earn – maximum of $847 per week
  • applies whether the business is open or not
  • businesses are encouraged to top that up if possible – not a requirement, however
  • backdated to March 15
  • hospitality industry, non-profits and charities are also eligible
  • will be extended if the crisis continues past three months

Morneau said he expected a portal for businesses should be available on the website in a few days.

Alberta COVID-19 update

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced Alberta Health Services had received a re-stocking of supplies required to conduct COVID-19 testing, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of confirmed cases in the province from yesterday to today. According to Hinshaw, that number increased by 117 bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 871. Hinshaw added that 94 of those were believed to have resulted from community transision, and are not travel-related. Of the total 871 confirmed cases, 142 Albertans have recovered and returned to their lives.

Hinshaw reported there had been two additional deaths as a result of the virus - both were men in their 80s, one in the north zone and one in the Calgary zone.

UPDATE - March 31, 2020

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta rose by 64 cases to 754 today, according to the Alberta government. An additional resident of a long-term care facility in Calgary passed away from the virus, bringing the total number of deaths in Alberta to nine.

Prime Minister Trudeau today announced his government would allocate $2 billion for the purchase of personal protective equipment, with a focus on items produced in Canada. Trudeau said Canadian-made ventilators and testing kits would be available soon.

Wellness Matters

The Town today published a webpage dedicated to providing the community with information about social and mental health services and resources. This webpage - Wellness Matters - will be updated as required and includes a daily tip for maintaining mental and physical health through this challenging time.

State of Local Emergency

Today, Town council also renewed the State of Local Emergency (SOLE) initially declared March 24. The SOLE will remain in place for an additional seven days, unless renewed or revoked by council.

UPDATE - March 30, 2020

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw announced there had been the greatest number of deaths in a 24-hour period since the pandemic was declared - five - bringing the total fatalities in Alberta up to eight. Hinshaw called on Albertans to redouble their efforts to adhere to the recommendations and mandatory health orders enacted by the province.

Over the same period, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta rose by 29, to 690.

Changes to mandatory self-isolation:

Hinshaw announced some changes to the mandatory requirements that travellers returning from outside of Canada, or those who have had close contact with someone either suspected or confirmed as having the virus, self-isolate for 14 days. Under the new orders, these individuals must stay within their own property for the entire 14 days - they are not allowed to go for a walk in the park or through the neighbourhood. People living in homes are restricted to their own property, including decks and balconies, while apartment dwellers must remain in their own units - they are not allowed to go into the complex's elevators, for instance.

Religious services:

Hinshaw also recognized many Albertans will soon be celebrating a variety of religious events, including Easter and Ramadan and urged people to prepare to commemorate these events remotely. The Crossfield Baptist is streaming its services online. The Crossfield United Church has cancelled all in-person activities and services for the time being.

Crossfield COVID-19 Vulnerable Citizens Program:

Crossfield COVID-19 Vulnerable Citizens Support Program information


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta rose to 661 over the March 28/29 weekend. The province announced a third person had died as a result of the virus. In Canada, there are 6,258 cases with a total of 61 deaths.

We will have an update after the Chief Medical Officer's press conference this afternoon at approximately 3:30.

UPDATE - March 27, 2020

Premier Kenney announced today that the number of people allowed in public gatherings is reduced immediately from 50 to 15. This includes family weddings, funerals and religious services. In addition, most non-essential businesses are required to close - including, dine-in restaurants, clothing and retail stores, and all close-contact service providers like hair and nail salons. A complete list of impacted businesses is available at

Access to Alberta's provincial parks for recreational purposes is now closed to vehicles. This includes the parking and staging areas. 

Kenney also announced addition relief measures for renters and new rules for landlords - more information is available by watching the press conference online.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced important relief for small and medium businesses at a press conference. More information is available here. We will have information about how this impacts Crossfield's small- and medium-sized businesses next week.

The number of confirmed cases in Alberta rose by 56 to 542 since yesterday with no additional deaths. The total number of confirmed cases in Canada is now 4,046.

Tea and Tunes with Eris

The Town has begun a new program for any community member who feels isolated or lonely during this public health crisis. 

UPDATE - March 26, 2020

An online assessment tool for healthcare workers will go live tomorrow, according to Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw. This tool will be available March 27 at

Am assessment tool for community members is already available at

Hinshaw announced 67 new cases of COVID-19 had been identified in Alberta since yesterday bringing the total number of cases in the province to 486; however, she was also able to announce 27 of those diagnosed with the virus have fully recovered. The total number of cases in Canada now sits at 3,452 with 35 deaths. There were no additional deaths in Alberta - the number of fatalities remains at two.

UPDATE - March 25, 2020

Today, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw, announced that compliance with the public health orders already announced is now mandatory. Level 1 Peace Officers will have extra powers to issue tickets. 

To protect the health and safety of Albertans, law enforcement agencies now have full authority to enforce public health orders and issue fines for violations.

  • Mandatory 14-day self-isolation for returning international travellers or close contacts of people with confirmed COVID-19.
  • Mandatory 10-day self-isolation for people with symptoms that are not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition: cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat.
  • Mass gathering restriction violations are now legally enforceable and subject to fines.
  • Facilities under this order include all nursing homes, designated supportive living and long-term care facilities, seniors lodges and any facility in which residential addiction treatment services are offered under the Mental Health Services Protection Act.

Hinshaw said the number of confirmed cases of the virus in Alberta jumped by 61 overnight and now sits at 419. The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada is now 2,020, with 27 deaths, including two in Alberta. 

UPDATE - March 24, 2020

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Crossfield today declared a State of Local Emergency (SOLE,) which provides the municipality with access to additional measures under the Emergency Management Act to help prevent the spread of the virus in the local area.

“The Town of Crossfield takes this situation extremely seriously and all of council has taken this step as a means of protecting our local community,” Mayor Jo Tennant said. “Our top priority is the health, safety and well-being of our community members and ensuring essential services continue to be provided.”

The Town of Crossfield has additional measures under the SOLE to help limit spread of the virus and enforce the advisories issued by the province, including:

  • ensuring businesses are following the recommended protocols,
  • ensuring symptomatic community members self-isolate,
  • ensuring gatherings are limited to a maximum of 50 people, and
  • ensuring that individuals who have returned from international travel are following the 14-day self-isolation recommendation.

The State of Local Emergency remains in place for seven days, unless renewed or revoked by council.

Recent updates from the province show the COVID-19 virus is now spreading from means other than those related to travel.

The first confirmed case in the Crossfield area was announced March 21. The Crossfield area, according to AHS’s guidelines, extends to east of Irricana and south to Highway 566. The exact location of the affected individual within that area is not known.

“Town council and staff thank the community for their support during these trying times,” Tennant said. “It is a challenge to follow the province’s recommendations, and we appreciate the community’s willingness to get on board and work together to beat this.”

The Town of Crossfield will continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the province in its response to the pandemic. Community members are urged to access credible sources of information as this situation continues to develop.

The Alberta government website – – provides up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to protect yourself and others and stop the spread.

UPDATE - March 23, 2020

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Crossfield was reported yesterday, along with two in Airdrie. The number of confirmed cases nationwide is now 1,469, with B.C. yet to report its stats today. 

The province announced on Friday that it would be instituting new penalties and fines for people not practicing social distancing or self-isolation as recommended. Exactly what these new measures will look like is expected to be released sometime this week. Look under our update for March 19 for handy links to information and tips regarding social distancing.

Links to mental health and social services have been added to the March 18 update below. 

Please note: the Alberta Supports Contact Centre is not able to provide assistance accessing the provincial Emergency Isolation Support payment or federal COVID-19 benefits.  Please visit the Government of Canada website for information.

UPDATE - March 20, 2020

We've added additional links to information to help kids deal with the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic under Mental Health Supports below.

Further updates will be added after the Chief Medical Officer's press conference later this afternoon.

UPDATE - March 19, 2020

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta rose to 146 today and the first death from the virus was recorded in the Edmonton area.

Alberta's Chief Medical Officer urged Albertans to practice social distancing and to stay home during her update today. Information and tips about social distancing can be found here. A tip sheet is here. Included are tips for visiting a grocery store or using an elevator. The Town of Crossfield would also like to repeat - stay home unless you absolutely have to go out. While the Town office is closed to the public, a skeleton staff is still on site and can assist you via phone or email

If you observe a business that is not shutting down following the provincial government's recommendations or someone that should be self-isolating and is not, do NOT call 911 or 811. The province is working on a way for people to report these incidences which will be released in the next few days.

The border between Canada and the U.S. was shut down for travel by the Prime Minister yesterday. This will not impact cross-border business - i.e. products traveling between the two countries.

UPDATE - March 18, 2020

Details about the program itself will be released in the next couple of days. Contact Eris Latham at or (403) 946-5565, ext. 261 if you want to volunteer or would like more information.

Mental Health supports

Your mental health is equally as important as your physical well-being at any time but even more so as we all navigate this new COVID-19 pandemic. The following are online resources to help you through these unsettled times:

Please note: the Alberta Supports Contact Centre is not able to provide assistance accessing the provincial Emergency Isolation Support payment or federal COVID-19 benefits.  Please visit the Government of Canada website for information.

UPDATE - March 17, 2020

Today the provincial government declared a State of Emergency in Alberta under the Public Health Act. The State Emergency allows the province to inact additional public health measures, including:

  • all events over 50 people to be cancelled;
  • no attendance at recreation centres, casinos, bingo halls, bars, theatres and other facilities; and
  • sit-down restaurants can remain open at lower capacity.

As a response to these measures, effectively immediately, Crossfield Town council has approved the closing of the Town office, fire hall, public and recreational facilities and the public works shop to the public. Residents can rest assured the Town will continue to provide ALL Town services during the duration of these closures and the Crossfield Fire Department will continue to respond to calls for service. 

Town staff will continue to provide services and respond to requests for information; however, this will be done by telephone or email only. The Town office is closed to the public.

Council has also approved the cancelation of all public events until further notice.

Fire department:

Call 911 in an emergency. For general inquiries or to report something non-emergent, call the Town office at (403) 946-5565 and your call will be redirected. Additional questions will be asked before fire crews are displatched to ensure the safety of our first responders.

Health-related inquiries should be directed to 811. An online tool to assess your chances of having the COVID-19 virus as well as links to sources of credible information about the pandemic are on the province of Alberta website -…/Pa…/COVID-Self-Assessment.aspx

Public works:

Be kind to our sewer system. Please don't flush anything but bodily waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Even if they profess to be flushable, such as biodegradable disinfectant wipes, they can clog the Town system.


We’ve heard that scammers pretending to be from AHS have started going door-to-door in Calgary to gain access to the homes of residents, particularly seniors. Please warn local seniors to be vigilant. AHS is NOT offering COVID-19 testing door-to-door.

UPDATE - March 16, 2020

The Pete Knight Memorial Arena is closed, effective immediately, as is the Crossfield Municipal Library. The Community Centre remains open; however, that could change over the next hours or days.

Message from Mayor Jo Tennant:

To the community of Crossfield

We are living in uncertain times, where the situation is shifting by the minute. I’m sure this is causing some stress for our families and businesses. The Town of Crossfield is committed to providing residents with information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in a timely and transparent manner.

We made the decision, March 13, to cancel or postpone all Town-organized events and programs. We are taking direction from the provincial government which has limited gatherings of 250 or more people and recommended social distancing as a successful way to limit the spread of the virus.

Town services remain operational; your water and electric remain on and garbage/waste collection will continue as usual at this time.

All kindergarten to Grade 12 schools within the Rocky View Schools (RVS) division have been closed indefinitely. The division is determining how it can best continue to deliver course material to students via alternative means. The RVS website is your best source of information on that developing situation –

I encourage you to educate yourself and your family about the virus by visiting credible sources of information – the province of Alberta’s website and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website include up-to-date information about the impact COVID-19 is having on Albertans. You can find information about how the virus spreads, its symptoms and what to do if you believe you have contracted the disease on these websites.

Information regarding what the Town of Crossfield is doing to mitigate this threat to public health – including up-to-date information about facility and other closures – can be found on the Town’s website at or by following us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

At this time, I know I can count on Crossfield residents supporting each other. We can get through this together.

Mayor Jo Tennant

For all the FACTS about how the COVID-19 virus is impacting Alberta, visit 

The Public Health Agency of Canada also has a website set up to update Canadians regarding this virus:

At the Town of Crossfield, we put the safety and health of our community at the top of the list of our priorities. Due to the ever-expanding nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Town administration has decided to cancel or postpone all public events and meetings for the foreseeable future. We are investigating alternative ways of engaging with the community that do not require in-person meetings, such as webinars, video streaming, etc.

Residents are encouraged to conduct their business with the Town via email or telephone rather than coming in to the Town office.

Also, please do not attend Town council meetings unless you are required to be there. The minutes of the meetings are available on the website under the Council Calendar.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of COVID-19 in its more mild form include:

  • fever,
  • cough
  • extreme tiredness

If you also experience shortness of breath and/or diffuculty breathing, you may have a more serious form of the disease.

The Province of Alberta has an online self-assessment tool you can use to help you determine if you have been affected -

If you suspect you have been infected, call your primary healthcare provider or Heathlink 811 - dial 811 - immediately. Do not go to your doctor's office, walk-in clinic, urgent care centre or emergency department. Health Link 811 will set up an appointment for you to get tested.

You can help limit the spread of this virus by following a few precautions:

  • wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds;
  • sneeze or cough into your sleeve or a tissue;
  • avoid touching your face;
  • if you are feeling ill, stay at home and isolate yourself from others in the home; and
  • self isolate for 14 days upon returning from travel outside of Canada, whether you feel ill or not.

Updates regarding the Town of Crossfield's response to the COVID-19 crisis will be posted here as well as on the Town's social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For all the FACTS about how the COVID-19 virus is impacting Alberta, visit 

The Public Health Agency of Canada also has a website set up to update Canadians regarding this virus: